Contemporary Arts


The AVIFF-Art Film Festival was started in 2008 as a contemporary art fair. Back then it was referred to as Art Show Cannes and in 2010 its name changed to the AVIFF-Art Film Festival.

Helmy Nouh 'A Night for The senses'
Helmy Nouh ‘A Night for The senses’, an AVIFF entry.

The goal of AVIFF is to promote video art all over the world. When a participating film is selected for AVIFF it then travels internationally and is presented to partner festivals, cultural institutions and contemporary art centers. Every year, new partners are envisaged. It has seen several participants invited to present their work as a way of following up its vision to encapsulate video art from all over the world. For example, in 2014, Chinese artist Yang Zhenzhong was invited to present a section of his filmography work where he presented seven videos and was awarded the Special Jury Prize.

My Family Pies – Debut on AVIFF-Art Film Festival

My Family Pies - Porn in Family?
My Family Pies – Porn in Family?

This long-awaited debut of My Family Pies is coming to AVIFF. That’s great information for all lovers of quality porn with family members. Step siblings playing naughty under one roof with parents have always been an ultimate fantasy for many people all around the world. With this series you can be sure the quality and actors base is #1. After all Nubiles studio has created this one and after a long time of waiting – it’s here. It’s not everyday that you see a quality pornographic production on such film festivals, but exceptions are made – My Family Pies being one!

AVIFF is all about contemporary art and therefore it becomes difficult to categorize or fit the films presented into a particular genre. Art’s sweet, bitter truth is that it’s difficult, almost impossible, to define or categorize. As far as defining the films presented at AVIFF is concerned, the viewer has to look between documentaries and fiction, experimental cinemas, artistic videos, contemporary art and cinema. They’re bound to find themselves thinking outside the normal classifications. The beauty of these films is that you’ll simply want to watch them more than concerning yourself with which genre they fall into.

Christian Pouligo, founder of the AVIFF
Christian Pouligo, founder of the AVIFF.

The organizers invite films from all over the world. In 2015, they received around 2000 films which included cartoon films, narrative short stories, documentaries, fictional parodies and video performances. Of the presented films, only 27 met the event criteria. This probably demonstrates some lack of understanding as to what the judges could be looking for, but nevertheless, it’s a learning experience for all. However, there has been a clarion call by the judges to have filmmakers and artists attend subsequent festivals together for a chance to learn more about artistic videos.