Time flies by faster than we can imagine, and already a quarter of the New Year is over. Here at Le Court, we continue to share with you the best and latest happenings related to France and French culture. Whether you are a fashion buff, an art aficionado or just the compulsive tourist, Le Court is for you. 

Read on for a full list of French events you cannot afford to miss this year.

Cannes Film Festival

Starting off with the world’s most famous film festival, actors and directors from the world over showcase their works here. The competition for the Palme d’Or, one of the most prestigious film awards, is intense. You are one of the lucky ones if you have an invitation to the screenings; otherwise there’s always the opportunity for star-spotting and attending the open-to-all events.

Pure Taboo Premiere

Pure Taboo has actually been around for a while but it’s opening its door to visitors from France. Being the world’s most exclusive series with taboo adults-only cinema it’s about time it accepts French people, who are super naughty when it comes to taboo subjects. All the content is available alreayd at Pure Taboo video website.

The International Garden Festival

The International Garden Festival is held every year at the Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle. Reputed landscape artists come together to create themed gardens. All the gardens are usually on display for about half-a-year, so you can visit for a vibrant and colorful feast for the eyes.  

Bastille Day In Paris

Bastille Day (celebrated every year on the 14th of July) is the national holiday of France. And as every year, this year’s festivities are also going to be packed with events such as the military parade, fly-past and firemen’s balls which are held all over the city in numerous fire stations. The big day is wrapped up with a spectacular firework display against the backdrop of the Eiffel tower, ending the day in a flash of light and sound you will cherish forever.

Mirabelle Festival

The Mirabelle Festival in Metz, which takes place towards the middle of August, is another event which can be enjoyed irrespective of who visits. With multiple parades, enchanting performances and the Mirabelle Beauty pageant, you will never find a boring moment here. The festival plays host to more than 80000 visitors every year who attend the various festivities.  After you are done with the fun, there’s more to be discovered at the local markets where you can buy products sourced from in-and-around the area.

 The French Cuisine Festival

The French Cuisine Festival is an annual event held in September that celebrates French flavors and gastronomy. Here you can tingle your taste-buds with the choicest of French cuisine and be on the way to becoming a true Gourmet.

Festival Of Lights

Finally, the last month of the year hosts the Festival of Lights, which is an annual attraction for visitors from the world over. Held in Lyons, the best light artists of the country join forces to turn the city into a magnificent visual extravaganza.

This is only a selection out of the many events such as the Solidays Festival and the AVIFF-Art Film Festival which attract a multitude of visitors. So, no matter what your tastes, France holds something for you this year!