French fashion and style are known and respected world-wide. In fact, most people look that way when it comes to define the avant-garde in clothing and accessories.

French designers and brands know about this very well and Paris fashion shows and runways are among the most sought-after in the entire world.

French society echoes this pushing fashion industry and if you want to be trendy and fashionable, you should be looking at Parisian streets and French people to draw some inspiration. Read on and learn how to dress like a French girl today.

French Porn Scene Today

As you might know France has always been open-minded about porn matters. The whole nudity controversies have not touched the society of France. And even today the porn watched here is totally different from what you can experience in other parts of Europe or the world. Need an example?

Sis Loves Me - Available at
Sis Loves Me – Available at

Sis Loves Me is series dedicated to step sisters porn. Step siblings, alone in home doing things forbidden by society. But not in France. It’s actually a big trend in adult entertainment and you can be sure Sis Loves Me deliver in this case. Available to watch (over 200 episodes released since its 2016 launch) on both in streaming and download mode.

The French Girl Style Has Evolved

Just like everything else in the world, the French Girl outfit has also evolved. What once was skinny jeans, ballet flats and a marinière (striped) shirt has now broaden to include way more pieces and compose a more globalized and intricate style.

Of course, you can count on minimalism as one of the remaining concepts of this style. Embracing the French girl style has more to do with finding effortless elegance than pushing too hard.

Let’s see some examples of this:

  • Make up – French girls use little to no make up on a regular basis. Perhaps one of the things that sets them apart from most other countries. You should adopt the lip gloss as a steady thing and add to that just a little shade.
  • One piece makes the statement – This is another golden rule of the French Girl style: only one piece should be the statement. If you put on several pieces that compete for attention, you’ll be stepping out of minimalism, and you shouldn’t.
  • Comfortable and chic – If a simple sentence could sum up the idea of the French Girl style, that would be “comfortable and chic”. This means that ballet flats and jeans are ok as long as you take it up a notch with, let’s say red lip gloss and a red silk neckerchief as a standout piece.

Still adopting these principles, the French Girl style has opened up to accept the influence of other kinds of styles. Perhaps it is the effect of globalization or French people travelling more and bringing pieces from the outside, the reason remains unknown, but the truth is that the evolution is visible and healthy.

Fashion As An Every-day Statement

For most French people, fashion is an everyday endeavor and if you’ve been to a major city in France, you’ll know that you can come across people wearing their statements on a daily basis.

Fashion is a part of French culture, of what they are defined by and proud of. This is partially the reason of minimalism and comfort as two cornerstones for the French Girl style; because they wear it daily!

As you may very well know, if you are invited to a big event like the AVIFF-Art Film Festival, you can choose th best designer in town and dress to look stunning in a very French style too; elegance is not only for Italian designers. Embracing the French Girl style is to be minimalistic, fashionable and comfortable.

As long as your outfit has those characteristics, you are nailing it.


There is no given formula or set of clothes that will make you look less French girl or more French girl. On this article, we have made a few statements that will get you as close as possible, but your version of the French Girl style should be personal and scream who you are.

In fact, if adopting a style feels like you are dressing as someone that is not you, then there is no reason to pursue it. Follow these simple tips and adopt the French Girl style your unique way.

Time flies by faster than we can imagine, and already a quarter of the New Year is over. Here at Le Court, we continue to share with you the best and latest happenings related to France and French culture. Whether you are a fashion buff, an art aficionado or just the compulsive tourist, Le Court is for you. 

Read on for a full list of French events you cannot afford to miss this year.

Cannes Film Festival

Starting off with the world’s most famous film festival, actors and directors from the world over showcase their works here. The competition for the Palme d’Or, one of the most prestigious film awards, is intense. You are one of the lucky ones if you have an invitation to the screenings; otherwise there’s always the opportunity for star-spotting and attending the open-to-all events.

Pure Taboo Premiere

Pure Taboo has actually been around for a while but it’s opening its door to visitors from France. Being the world’s most exclusive series with taboo adults-only cinema it’s about time it accepts French people, who are super naughty when it comes to taboo subjects. All the content is available alreayd at Pure Taboo video website.

The International Garden Festival

The International Garden Festival is held every year at the Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle. Reputed landscape artists come together to create themed gardens. All the gardens are usually on display for about half-a-year, so you can visit for a vibrant and colorful feast for the eyes.  

Bastille Day In Paris

Bastille Day (celebrated every year on the 14th of July) is the national holiday of France. And as every year, this year’s festivities are also going to be packed with events such as the military parade, fly-past and firemen’s balls which are held all over the city in numerous fire stations. The big day is wrapped up with a spectacular firework display against the backdrop of the Eiffel tower, ending the day in a flash of light and sound you will cherish forever.

Mirabelle Festival

The Mirabelle Festival in Metz, which takes place towards the middle of August, is another event which can be enjoyed irrespective of who visits. With multiple parades, enchanting performances and the Mirabelle Beauty pageant, you will never find a boring moment here. The festival plays host to more than 80000 visitors every year who attend the various festivities.  After you are done with the fun, there’s more to be discovered at the local markets where you can buy products sourced from in-and-around the area.

 The French Cuisine Festival

The French Cuisine Festival is an annual event held in September that celebrates French flavors and gastronomy. Here you can tingle your taste-buds with the choicest of French cuisine and be on the way to becoming a true Gourmet.

Festival Of Lights

Finally, the last month of the year hosts the Festival of Lights, which is an annual attraction for visitors from the world over. Held in Lyons, the best light artists of the country join forces to turn the city into a magnificent visual extravaganza.

This is only a selection out of the many events such as the Solidays Festival and the AVIFF-Art Film Festival which attract a multitude of visitors. So, no matter what your tastes, France holds something for you this year!

France remains as one of the most visited countries in the world. In fact in 2015 for instance, 83.7 million tourists visited here while74.8 million visitors went to America making France lead by a huge margin.

This is according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. It’s told that tourists outnumber the locals in France. But there’s a reason for the pedestal that goes beyond the welcoming and the rich culture. For sports lovers, this is a popular destination with a number of events on the calendar, for nightlife, here is where it all happens, for scholars you’ll learn great revolutionary stories a century at a time. All that and a society which continues to put pressure on its women to continue looking strikingly beautiful. No wonder the world continues to trickle here.

Now here is 2018 and the number of events is overwhelming, read on to see what I mean.

Cuckolding – Be The Cuck

Be The Cuck - Being a Cuckold?
Be The Cuck – Being a Cuckold?

This is the most important thing in society in last months. How many times have you heard on the street or in the Web hey, you cuck or you are such a cuck! and you had no idea what these people are talking about? This is the thing with trends these days. To be quick – cuckolding is a sexual fantasy that involves a man/husband watching his girl/wife having sex in front of him with another male person. It’s a phenomenon that’s been getting a lot of attention in last months and how you are able to see what’s the stir all about in the unique series called Be The Cuck.

Music Festivals

Nuit Sonores

A list of music festivals in France go in numbers and are spread all through from winter to summer. This includes the famous Nuit Sonores which is set to happen on May 6-13. It will also go on in June and July. Here you’ll be treated to the electronic music among other genres in over 40 locations.

Theatre, opera, rock n roll name it for you’ll get it here. Actually, this electrifying music festival is one of Europe’s favorite music festivals. It’s happening in Lyon another energetic city in France full of life. You can follow this link for more music festivals.


This year France is having it big

Several cities continue to jostle for space as the fashion capitals of the world. This includes New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. All of them are strong contenders of great respect for the way they have contributed to the fashion industry. But one city remains top in the mind of fashion enthusiasts.

This is home to world-famous designers like Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and the city is none other than Paris. The rich history of Paris and fashion dates back several centuries where some of its influential people had a taste for looking loyalty and therefore dressed the part. This includes famous people like Kings Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. This year France is having it big with a number of fashion and clothing fairs lined up and which will have attendees come from far and wide.


Ryder Cup

A number of sporting events are in the offing, but please save us not to mention Tour de France, Evian cup and the rest which happens annually here. Added to this, now are several even bigger events that will open France to the world this year.  Ryder Cup is one of them, and which will happen somewhere on September 25-30, 2018.

This is actually the most prestigious team event in world golf today and which is happening the first time in France and the second time in continental Europe. The world is eager to see whether Americans led by Jim Furyk will be able to retain the cup as the Europeans team which is led by Thomas Bjorn continues to swear by the home ground.

Did I mention Formula One? Yes, formula one return to France after 10 years this year.  On 24th June 2018, all roads lead to Le Castellet as the world welcomes F1 to the home of the Grand Prix.

Trade Fairs

There are several international trade fairs this year to attend. France is gifted for having some of the best manufacturers and assemblers in the world.

You’ll find a lot of companies either in the medicine and healthcare, food and beverage, agriculture and the list go on hosting important trade fairs in France this year, just click for more.

Centenary Of The End Of The First World War

President Emmanuel Macron

This is an important year for warlords and President Emmanuel Macron will be hosting in Paris the heads of 80 nations that were involved in the Great War. This big celebration which will happen on November 11 is preceded by a host of several other activities.

There are several commemorations happening throughout the year to remember the great work done by the gallant soldiers from different countries and which eventually resulted in the defeat of the Germans.

Indeed, a lot of activities are line-up this year which will open France to the world; you better keep your tabs here as we shed lighter.

The AVIFF-Art Film Festival was started in 2008 as a contemporary art fair. Back then it was referred to as Art Show Cannes and in 2010 its name changed to the AVIFF-Art Film Festival.

Helmy Nouh 'A Night for The senses'
Helmy Nouh ‘A Night for The senses’, an AVIFF entry.

The goal of AVIFF is to promote video art all over the world. When a participating film is selected for AVIFF it then travels internationally and is presented to partner festivals, cultural institutions and contemporary art centers. Every year, new partners are envisaged. It has seen several participants invited to present their work as a way of following up its vision to encapsulate video art from all over the world. For example, in 2014, Chinese artist Yang Zhenzhong was invited to present a section of his filmography work where he presented seven videos and was awarded the Special Jury Prize.

My Family Pies – Debut on AVIFF-Art Film Festival

My Family Pies - Porn in Family?
My Family Pies – Porn in Family?

This long-awaited debut of My Family Pies is coming to AVIFF. That’s great information for all lovers of quality porn with family members. Step siblings playing naughty under one roof with parents have always been an ultimate fantasy for many people all around the world. With this series you can be sure the quality and actors base is #1. After all Nubiles studio has created this one and after a long time of waiting – it’s here. It’s not everyday that you see a quality pornographic production on such film festivals, but exceptions are made – My Family Pies being one!

AVIFF is all about contemporary art and therefore it becomes difficult to categorize or fit the films presented into a particular genre. Art’s sweet, bitter truth is that it’s difficult, almost impossible, to define or categorize. As far as defining the films presented at AVIFF is concerned, the viewer has to look between documentaries and fiction, experimental cinemas, artistic videos, contemporary art and cinema. They’re bound to find themselves thinking outside the normal classifications. The beauty of these films is that you’ll simply want to watch them more than concerning yourself with which genre they fall into.

Christian Pouligo, founder of the AVIFF
Christian Pouligo, founder of the AVIFF.

The organizers invite films from all over the world. In 2015, they received around 2000 films which included cartoon films, narrative short stories, documentaries, fictional parodies and video performances. Of the presented films, only 27 met the event criteria. This probably demonstrates some lack of understanding as to what the judges could be looking for, but nevertheless, it’s a learning experience for all. However, there has been a clarion call by the judges to have filmmakers and artists attend subsequent festivals together for a chance to learn more about artistic videos.

As the year unfolds there is plenty of culture waiting for you here in the City of Lights. Remember you can always count on France if you’re looking to update yourself on the latest happenings in the world of fashion, art, music and any other discipline where entertainment and design matters, not to mention the beautiful women.

Read on for a list of exhibitions happening from this autumn into early winter.

Biennial Of Contemporary Arab World Photography

Dates: 13th September – 12th November 2017

Where: Institute du Monde la Cite International des Arts, Arabe, Maison Europeenne de la Photography, four art galleries and the 4th arrondissement town hall.

This will be the second edition of the Biennial of contemporary Arab World photography. There’s a lot of work on display, offering a multi-layered and diverse perspective of the Arab world as evidenced by contemporary photographers. 50-odd artists are displaying here with Algerians and Tunisian photographers exhibiting.

Monet Collector

Dates: 14th September – 14th January 2018

Where: Marmottan Monet Museum

Inside Marmottan Monet Museum
Inside Marmottan Monet Museum

Marmottan Monet Museum owns the largest Monet collection, paintings by the iconic French artist. The exhibition to be held here will bring together art works from some of the world’s biggest museums and private collections, including drawings, paintings and sculptures. You’ll have a chance to see the works of some of the most famous artists like Renoir, Corot, Manet and others. Works by other little-known artists are on display also.

European Heritage Days

Dates: 16th – 17th September 2017

Where: Participating venues

This exhibition has been around for the past 30 years. It gives the general public access to Parisian monuments to learn about the country’s history and culture. There are various special events taking place in different venues and the exhibition is usually free of charge. Some of the top attractions include Musee d Orsay, Arc de Triomphe and Elysee Palace with some buildings like The Fondation Loius Vuitton, Cite de la Mode et du Design and Philharmonie de Paris being accessible.

To see a list of participating venues follow this link.

Glass, The Inventive Middle Ages

Dates: 20th September – 8th January 2018

Where: Musee de Cluny

Musée de Cluny display
Some intriguing displays in Musée de Cluny.

The creativity of the middle ages is showcased at the museum of Cluny where ten centuries of technical and artistic developments in glassmaking are on display. The technique of stained glass was perfected in the fifth century by the master glassworkers, and it’s at this time that glass started being used in society. There are over 150 glass works from the middle ages on display in this exhibition, showing how glass has had an impact on scientific discoveries, its symbolism, and importance.

You can follow this link to the event website.

Irving Penn

Dates: 21st September – 29th January 2018

Where: The Grand Palais

Grand Palais
The colorful and stunning Grand Palais.

MoMA in New York is partnering with the Grand Palais to showcase the works of Irvin Penn, the famous photographer of the 20th century. Penn is remembered for capturing photos of famous personalities like Audrey Hepburn, Pablo Picasso and Alfred Hitchcock among others. The dates for the exhibition coincide with the centenary of his birth, the perfect occasion to honor his legacy. There are more than 240 photos on display picked from his 70-year career.

Click here to visit the exhibition website.

There you have it. This is our list of unmissable exhibitions for art enthusiasts and beginners alike. There’s much more to learn from these exhibitions than meets the eye, so they are well worth your time.