There has never been a better way to close the summer season than to see it out at Saint Cloud. Every year at the end of August, over 100,000 people gather in Paris with vigor, as if to thank the gods of summer. The energy experienced in this four-day event is out of this world. Popular French music comprising of pop, rock and electro is played in the historic gardens, as revellers from local and international communities gather to dance and enjoy nature.

Two places in Saint-Malo are a hive of activity every year when the world descends on them for a special demonstration of what independent music thinkers have to offer. In summer and winter each year, Fort Saint-Pere and Bon Secours Beach are the places to be. The special thing about this event is its unique theme of holding an open-minded musical festival, driven by creativity. Always full to capacity, people arrive here in droves to enjoy a one-of-a-kind festival like nothing they’ve ever experienced.

This is a perfect opportunity for young talent to learn from experienced artists. The event, which is known to offer contemporary French songs and music, gives emerging artists a platform to showcase their talent and get advice and guidance from their peers. You mustn’t miss the opportunity to listen to what these new artists have to offer.