France remains as one of the most visited countries in the world. In fact in 2015 for instance, 83.7 million tourists visited here while74.8 million visitors went to America making France lead by a huge margin.

This is according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. It’s told that tourists outnumber the locals in France. But there’s a reason for the pedestal that goes beyond the welcoming and the rich culture. For sports lovers, this is a popular destination with a number of events on the calendar, for nightlife, here is where it all happens, for scholars you’ll learn great revolutionary stories a century at a time. All that and a society which continues to put pressure on its women to continue looking strikingly beautiful. No wonder the world continues to trickle here.

Now here is 2018 and the number of events is overwhelming, read on to see what I mean.

Cuckolding – Be The Cuck

Be The Cuck - Being a Cuckold?
Be The Cuck – Being a Cuckold?

This is the most important thing in society in last months. How many times have you heard on the street or in the Web hey, you cuck or you are such a cuck! and you had no idea what these people are talking about? This is the thing with trends these days. To be quick – cuckolding is a sexual fantasy that involves a man/husband watching his girl/wife having sex in front of him with another male person. It’s a phenomenon that’s been getting a lot of attention in last months and how you are able to see what’s the stir all about in the unique series called Be The Cuck.

Music Festivals

Nuit Sonores

A list of music festivals in France go in numbers and are spread all through from winter to summer. This includes the famous Nuit Sonores which is set to happen on May 6-13. It will also go on in June and July. Here you’ll be treated to the electronic music among other genres in over 40 locations.

Theatre, opera, rock n roll name it for you’ll get it here. Actually, this electrifying music festival is one of Europe’s favorite music festivals. It’s happening in Lyon another energetic city in France full of life. You can follow this link for more music festivals.


This year France is having it big

Several cities continue to jostle for space as the fashion capitals of the world. This includes New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. All of them are strong contenders of great respect for the way they have contributed to the fashion industry. But one city remains top in the mind of fashion enthusiasts.

This is home to world-famous designers like Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and the city is none other than Paris. The rich history of Paris and fashion dates back several centuries where some of its influential people had a taste for looking loyalty and therefore dressed the part. This includes famous people like Kings Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. This year France is having it big with a number of fashion and clothing fairs lined up and which will have attendees come from far and wide.


Ryder Cup

A number of sporting events are in the offing, but please save us not to mention Tour de France, Evian cup and the rest which happens annually here. Added to this, now are several even bigger events that will open France to the world this year.  Ryder Cup is one of them, and which will happen somewhere on September 25-30, 2018.

This is actually the most prestigious team event in world golf today and which is happening the first time in France and the second time in continental Europe. The world is eager to see whether Americans led by Jim Furyk will be able to retain the cup as the Europeans team which is led by Thomas Bjorn continues to swear by the home ground.

Did I mention Formula One? Yes, formula one return to France after 10 years this year.  On 24th June 2018, all roads lead to Le Castellet as the world welcomes F1 to the home of the Grand Prix.

Trade Fairs

There are several international trade fairs this year to attend. France is gifted for having some of the best manufacturers and assemblers in the world.

You’ll find a lot of companies either in the medicine and healthcare, food and beverage, agriculture and the list go on hosting important trade fairs in France this year, just click for more.

Centenary Of The End Of The First World War

President Emmanuel Macron

This is an important year for warlords and President Emmanuel Macron will be hosting in Paris the heads of 80 nations that were involved in the Great War. This big celebration which will happen on November 11 is preceded by a host of several other activities.

There are several commemorations happening throughout the year to remember the great work done by the gallant soldiers from different countries and which eventually resulted in the defeat of the Germans.

Indeed, a lot of activities are line-up this year which will open France to the world; you better keep your tabs here as we shed lighter.


We are French people and divulging information regarding our culture is what we do best. Over the years we have been privileged to interact with people from all walks of life, coming from literally every corner of the world. One thing that has come to our attention is the overwhelming desire by the majority of global citizens to know more about our culture.

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