French fashion and style are known and respected world-wide. In fact, most people look that way when it comes to define the avant-garde in clothing and accessories.

French designers and brands know about this very well and Paris fashion shows and runways are among the most sought-after in the entire world.

French society echoes this pushing fashion industry and if you want to be trendy and fashionable, you should be looking at Parisian streets and French people to draw some inspiration. Read on and learn how to dress like a French girl today.

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The French Girl Style Has Evolved

Just like everything else in the world, the French Girl outfit has also evolved. What once was skinny jeans, ballet flats and a marinière (striped) shirt has now broaden to include way more pieces and compose a more globalized and intricate style.

Of course, you can count on minimalism as one of the remaining concepts of this style. Embracing the French girl style has more to do with finding effortless elegance than pushing too hard.

Let’s see some examples of this:

  • Make up – French girls use little to no make up on a regular basis. Perhaps one of the things that sets them apart from most other countries. You should adopt the lip gloss as a steady thing and add to that just a little shade.
  • One piece makes the statement – This is another golden rule of the French Girl style: only one piece should be the statement. If you put on several pieces that compete for attention, you’ll be stepping out of minimalism, and you shouldn’t.
  • Comfortable and chic – If a simple sentence could sum up the idea of the French Girl style, that would be “comfortable and chic”. This means that ballet flats and jeans are ok as long as you take it up a notch with, let’s say red lip gloss and a red silk neckerchief as a standout piece.

Still adopting these principles, the French Girl style has opened up to accept the influence of other kinds of styles. Perhaps it is the effect of globalization or French people travelling more and bringing pieces from the outside, the reason remains unknown, but the truth is that the evolution is visible and healthy.

Fashion As An Every-day Statement

For most French people, fashion is an everyday endeavor and if you’ve been to a major city in France, you’ll know that you can come across people wearing their statements on a daily basis.

Fashion is a part of French culture, of what they are defined by and proud of. This is partially the reason of minimalism and comfort as two cornerstones for the French Girl style; because they wear it daily!

As you may very well know, if you are invited to a big event like the AVIFF-Art Film Festival, you can choose th best designer in town and dress to look stunning in a very French style too; elegance is not only for Italian designers. Embracing the French Girl style is to be minimalistic, fashionable and comfortable.

As long as your outfit has those characteristics, you are nailing it.


There is no given formula or set of clothes that will make you look less French girl or more French girl. On this article, we have made a few statements that will get you as close as possible, but your version of the French Girl style should be personal and scream who you are.

In fact, if adopting a style feels like you are dressing as someone that is not you, then there is no reason to pursue it. Follow these simple tips and adopt the French Girl style your unique way.


We are French people and divulging information regarding our culture is what we do best. Over the years we have been privileged to interact with people from all walks of life, coming from literally every corner of the world. One thing that has come to our attention is the overwhelming desire by the majority of global citizens to know more about our culture.

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